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Aubrey Noronha founded Hello Hope Canada with one objective: to introduce as many people to the power of hope as possible. ​

We have hope that boys and men will increasingly partner alongside girls and women as peers and will be protectors of the vulnerable members of society.

We hope to increasingly foster gender equality and encourage girls and women in their identity as the leaders and heroes they are in the world.

We have hope that a society with racist and even "non-racist" ideas will eventually be outnumbered by courageous and caring anti-racist ideas and people.

We have hope that human connection will grow and thrive in our technological age and will replace despair and loneliness with increased empathy and care for our communities.

Through his passionate, energetic and strength-based programs, Aubrey hopes to bring this message to as many youth, families, educators and professionals as possible. Here's hoping.

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Aubrey Noronha (NA-ROW-NA) is a recognized Character Education and Safe Schools Speaker who believes in the possibility of a safer and more emotionally connected school culture. Through his Hello Hope Canada programs, Aubrey seeks to instill his hope for the future into the minds and hearts of youth and caring adults.

As a child & youth counsellor and seasoned Restorative Practice facilitator, Aubrey has worked with youth, families and professionals in schools, prisons and treatment facilities for over 16 years. As a former crisis negotiator, and Critical Incident Stress Management facilitator Aubrey’s expertise, passion, and candour flow through his workshops and will leave students and adults feeling encouraged and equipped to make their school and community safer one day and one decision at a time. 

Aubrey is also a recording artist. He has sung duets with John Legend, Foo Fighters and Adele ... while listening to them on his headphones during his evening jog.

For more about the mission and vision of Hello Hope Canada click here.

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