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Want to be a "Hope-Full"? (join the squad)

Taylor has the Swifties and Beyonce has the BeyHive...

I don't have fans but I am looking to build a squad of folks who believe in the work that I'm doing to speak to the heart to kids, teens, and adults. So I've started a FaceBook online community for the Hope-Fulls out there; for like-minded parents/guardians, educators, leaders, students and just about anyone else who believes in the following three objectives (Aub-jectives because my name is Aubrey 🧀) of



We have hope that human connection will grow and thrive in our technological age and will replace despair and loneliness with increased empathy and care for our communities.

We have hope that a society with racist and even "non-racist" ideas will eventually be outnumbered by courageous, compassionate and caring anti-racist ideas and people.

We have hope that boys and men will do their part to increasingly build societies up from the inside out and to make things better for everyone (especially the vulnerable members of our human family).

There are many other speakers who focus on other important topics but I don't want to take up those spaces so I'll work to continue only focusing on these three areas.

Join this group if:

  1. You have hope for the future of our kids, families, schools, and communities.

  2. You believe in the three Aub-jectives of

  3. You would like help spread the word about the programs and initiatives of Hello Hope Canada and contribute ideas to making it better and better.

Would you like to become a hope-full? Click here to join :)

Big love and respect,


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